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Grooms Cakes

There’s a lot about a wedding that focuses on the bride. A groom’s cake is a way to give the groom special attention.

 Groom’s cakes have become very popular over the past  years and can be effectively used at the rehearsal dinner as the desert. Groom’s cakes are typically non-traditional cakes (they don’t look like “wedding” cakes) and can come in flavors and designs special to the groom. 

photo of groom's cake

When to serve a groom’s cake

Groom’s cakes can be used at rehearsal dinners or wedding receptions.  Both are an ideal way to spotlight the importantance of the groom. 

Groom’s cake designs

All of our groom’s cakes are custom-designed. These cakes tend to be the more outlandish, creative cakes. Because the cake is designed to be “all about the groom,” we’ve done a variety of designs and styles. Some of them include:

  • Golf cakes
  • Beer bottle cakes
  • Sports team cakes
  • Hobby cakes (fishing, boating, music, etc.)

See photos of some of our favorite groom’s cakes!








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